Sunday, August 19, 2012

Welcome - Fall 2012 Class

Welcome to the blog for the "Intro to Digital Entertainment " class at Sierra Nevada College. As the blurb in the catalog says:

This course will introduce students to a variety of current software to produce digital media associated with the entertainment field. The course will introduce concepts and methods of animation, simulated environments, and gaming. A variety of Digital Entertainment venues will be explored, that may include film, video, television, commercials, virtual environments, special effects, computer generated imagery and animation.

Next class, we'll be going to to create some animations using pre-built animated characters. Please sign up for a free account before next class, so we don't have to burn class time getting you set up. You can sign up for an account here.

Also, for next class, prepare a 5-10 minute presentation on a video game or virtual experience you enjoy.
Address these questions:
  1. What is the basic goal of the game/exerience?
  2. Give a short description of the world of the game/experience.
  3. What type or genre of game/experience is it? (examples: platform game, puzzle game, first person shooter…)
  4. Who is the audience for the game/experience?
  5. Describe the interface of the game/experience, and the mechanics of game play/interactivity.
  6. Discuss the design of the game/experience. How does the style of the characters/environment add to the experience of the game?
  7. What is the element of the game/experience that makes it “special” – better than other examples of its genre?
Please feel free to bring any visual aids – screenshots, or the game/experience itself – to incorporate into your presentation.

If you'd like to download the syllabus, click here.

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