Thursday, September 15, 2011

Assignment for Tues, 9/20

The assignment over the weekend, due at the start of Tuesday's class, is to make a blog post at this blog, with two parts to it. The first part is to upload three snapshots from your virtual fieldtrip in Second Life, with a brief sentence or two about each location. The second part is to respond to an online article about the game company Zynga.

Please read the article "Virtual Products, Real Profits," online at the Wall STreet Journal here, and in your blog post, answer the following questions:

1. What is Zynga's biggest "edge" as a game company?

2. What is the infrastructure Zynga uses for distributing its games? And how is that infrastructure different from more traditional game distribution systems?

3. List a couple design choices that were made in Zynga games that proved to be successful.

4. Have you ever bought "virtual goods"? If so, what were they, and why did you buy them?

5. There seems to have been tension within Zynga between designs and choices driven by data, and choices driven by game designers. Whose side, in general, would you personally align yourself with, and why?

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