Monday, September 19, 2011

mbrill - second life
Smuggler’s Moon is a Star Wars themed area. Full of freebies (clothes and accessories), very detailed replicas of in movie settings, characters and even dances!
Tableau seems like a wild west, world war two era army base resort hotel. I found it under the “Strange” category and it certainly doesn’t disappoint. From the artsy horse installation, to the large, unexploded nuclear bombs and right back to the beach front resort hotels, this place is just all over the map!
Off The Wall is a childlike area full of over sized toys and other play things. It’s primarily an outdoor area, full of vegetation and other kooky objects. The background sounds also add to the humorous mood.

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  1. 1. What is Zynga's biggest "edge" as a game company?
    Their biggest advantage is that all of their products are digital, so if one fails it is fairly easy for them to roll out the next “model,” so to speak.

    2. What is the infrastructure Zynga uses for distributing its games? And how is that infrastructure different from more traditional game distribution systems?
    Zynga distributes its games on Facebook for free, which varies greatly from traditional distribution, as they do not have to package and ship any goods.

    3. List a couple design choices that were made in Zynga games that proved to be successful.
    A few successful design choices Zynga made for their games were giving items a golden color, making “rare” items and also selling holiday specific items.

    4. Have you ever bought "virtual goods"? If so, what were they, and why did you buy them?
    I have never paid for “virtual goods,” but have clicked through and answered a few questionnaires to receive in game currency to purchase additional units in whatever games.

    5. There seems to have been tension within Zynga between designs and choices driven by data, and choices driven by game designers. Whose side, in general, would you personally align yourself with, and why?
    It certainly would be a tough decision to align solely with one extreme. On one hand I can understand that developing goods based on good research would ultimately benefit the company, but on the other hand I can also understand that games should be made for people to have fun and should not be treated as some sort of cash cow. If I had to choose one side, I suppose I’d go with the designers. I think I would live happier having made one great hit than a slew of mediocre successes.