Thursday, September 1, 2011

Assignment for Tuesday 7/6

Now that you've seen some of the characters that Xtranormal uses, I'd like you to invent a character that isn't part of their "canned" character sets. If you don't feel you have any drawing skill, don't sweat it -- this isn't about being Michaelangelo, it's about communicating an idea, and a crude drawing can probably get the job done. The character doesn't have to look human -- it could be an animal character, an insect character, and so on. Come to Tuesday's class with your drawing on an 8.5x11" sheet of paper, with a front view of your character. Include a background with an environment for them to inhabit. Include a brief 3-5 sentence description of the personality qualities you think your character embodies. Imagine that you're from a design and animation company who's pitching character designs to Xtranormal, in the hopes that they'll pay you to design and execute the characters for them. In a brief paragraph, explain who you think the characters will appeal to, and why you think they will be popular characters for Xtranormal's service.


A rough cut of your Xtranormal short is due at the neginning of class on Tuesday as well.

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